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Furniture Custom-Made
with your customers

Consumer-influenced products require you to know what your customers want in order to make what your customer need. The furniture industry has roots in handcrafted workmanship and made-to-order products, but its customers live in a retail and online environment. We aim to combine the traditional sensibilities of window manufacturers with the edge of modern technologies.

Flat Pack

Flat pack design is perfectly suited for laser cutters and simple CNC milling machines.

Designed to offer local production.

Constructed to be packed and transported, and put together for use by anyone.


Dictate requirements and constraints, and let algorithms determine the design. Then iterate until you like it.

Optimize for waste reduction, materials savings, production time,...

Delivering interior design beyond product variants.


Choose from design style references to inspire new designs for existing pieces.

Collaborate with customers during the design process and make them part of their custom-made story.

Optimized for digital fabrication.

Beautiful Furniture Configuration Apps

Customer Interaction With Your Products

Web-based Application | Instant Pricing and Quoting

Cloud-based Data Pipelines Supercharge Your Design Interaction

The Coshape Customizer Technology at the center of your customers' experience integrates perfectly with other cloud service applications like your enterprise resource planning and manufacturing software. Also, you can provide an even deeper customer experience with:

Generative Design

Let algorithms design your furniture, tables, chairs, shapes,... according to usage, durability, weight, load, strain...

Every piece of furniture will be individually designed so each will perform a 100% for the job to be done.

Generative Design

Intelligent Draw

Helps you visualize anything, fast.

Analyzes your input while drawing and returns proposals. Turn scribles and doodling into nice drawings. And inspire users with your products along.

Intelligent Measure

Include real world data with digitally enhanced measuring.

Take measurements of your space and make the furniture you like fit your space how you want it to.

Intelligent Measure
Intelligent Measure

Augmented Preview

The last step is to experience your project in a new reality.

It is just as easy as easy as pointing your new piece of furniture to the place you want to place it and let the technology do the rest. Enjoy how your interior looks like with the new furniture and share with friends and family.

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For your customers

Inspiration beyond guided product configuration.

Visual interaction with your products,
for pro or consumer and between them.

Learn about your customers needs, be prepared for appointments, and know exactly what they want.

Architects & Builders

Generating designs beyond product variants.

Visualize, present, and refine. Plan and prepare orders.

Consumer-inspired user experience attracting professionals.

For your Salesforce

Find a common language with your customers, help them make better decisions faster, and communicate with your internal departments.

Turn mass customization into a competitive advantage.

Differentiate your brand and build customer loyalty.

Custom - Made

Often, customers don't know what they exactly want, yet. It is the job of you and me to help them discover that. By listening and letting them show us we can gain a deeper understanding what they most care about, and therefore we can help them better. Visuals is the most powerful common language for that: Your engineers use CAD, your sales & marketing glossy brochures, and we're all doodling and scribble. Let's connect that!

The furniture industry has roots in handcrafted workmanship and made-to-order products, but its customers live in a retail and online environment. We aim to combine the traditional sensibilities of furniture manufacturers with the edge of modern technologies. We want to empower customers to become makers themselves, including them in the manufacturing process, letting them contribute with input and imagination.

Let us guide them together, with your expertise in manufacturing and our expertise in capturing their intent. Together we are at the pulse of the customer and you can provide them with what they really need. Just for them, just for their home sweet home - custom made - thanks to powerful digital fabrication technology.

Let's make all customers part of the furniture making story!


In markets in which customers have never had more choice, delivering an engaging experience has become paramount.

79% of B2B buyers will only consider doing business with brands that show they understand and care about each customer’s needs.
- Digital Agency Wunderman

70% of buying decisions are based on how well customers feel they’re understood.
- McKinsey

64% of B2B customers say the buying experience is a more important decision factor than price.
-Forrester Research

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